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Read With Me:

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"It was WAY more time effective and cut down on my assessment time!" – Mollie Royer, 2nd grade teacher

How Does it Work?

1 Create a custom assessment for 1 or more students

2 Sync two devices with a token and score simultaneously

3 Share a report with a parent or teacher

Lexile® Framework

Keep track of your students' reading progress using our library of Lexile® Framework grade level appropriate passages.

Custom Miscues

Every school and district has their own way to score miscues. Read With Me lets you decide what errors to mark with our customized miscue menu.

Add your own text

With Read With Me you are not limited to our own selection of texts. Upload your own custom passages and assign them your own levels.

Video Recording

With our iPad app You can sync with your online account and record and share videos of your students reading. It also offers an offline mode.

National Benchmarks

Read With Me aligns its benchmarks to the National Fluency Norms for oral reading progress, so you know where your students are at on a national scale.

Shareable reports

Generate quick, useful reports you can share with parents or other educators.