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Starting an Assessment

If the test is set for two devices, evaluator will receive a code. A code, or token is required for a student to sync and authenticate the session with another device. If you are testing a student, simply key in the assessment token into the appropriate field when prompted to release test.

Use this token to pair student's device to same passage

Enter assessment token on student's device and click Connect.

Once the student successfully syncs their device, the other device that initiated the assessment will show the Evaluation Screen.

Evaluating a student

Please read the "Scoring Miscues" document for more information on error analysis.

IMPORTANT: inform the student that they are about to take a reading assessment. Tell them that they should not hurry, nor spend too much time on any one word. If they skip a line you will direct them to the correct line, and if they need help decoding, you may or may not provide it (depending on your assessment practices you are adhering to). You may introduce the passage if you'd like.

Note: The student's screen will not change or be able to see what you mark on your screen.