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Adding Custom Passages

To add a new passage, from the Dashboard, click on New Passage.

Note: Custom passages should be previewed before being published for best results. Preview the passage by going to "My Passages" and viewing the desired passage. If the passage formatting isn't correct, click "Edit" to change it. Good practice is to separate text into paragraphs and avoid extra line breaks. If you edit a passage that has already been administered to a student, the existing assessments will not be changed or affected and only new assessments will use the changes.

Assessment Type

You can categorize passages you add to Read With Me so you can quickly locate passages based on their calibration and other factors.

Formative Assessment: Students can have assigned reading practices to work on fluency at home. Passages marked as Practice should not be included in official assessments. These passages should be graded by parent or teacher to keep track of student's progress and differentiate support. This is a great place to put extra reading content for your students.

Self Assessment: Student can self-administer a formative/practice assessment. A teacher can assign these and give a window of time for assessment to be completed. Self-assessments shouldn't be counted as official assessments or practices as they are graded by the student or a peer.

Teacher Created Assessment: These are passages written by you! It's up to you to decide what kind of passages you add to this category and if they are calibrated to the standards of your school district.

Official (or Summative) Assessment: These are summative assessments meant for beginning, middle and end of the year administration and are aligned to the National Fluency Norms for the grade level and time of year. These passages are calibrated for each grade level, and shouldn't be used for practice or self-assessment.

Comprehension Questions (optional)

Comprehension questions are a valuable way to determine if student understands what they are reading. You can add as many questions to a passage. When creating an assessment, you will have a option to pick none, some, or all questions in a passage.

A student hint is visible to a student in a self-assessment. Teacher answer is only visibile to the evaluator.