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Reports are meant to be quick and informative. The report displays the name, date, duration, the number of words read, the number of errors, the correct words per minute, and an accuracy score.

Benchmark: Benchmarks are aligned to National Fluency norms for a given grade and period of time. Letting a student know how well they did or what they need to work on helps them stay informed of their own progress.

Text: The text that was read is displayed, with the errors the student made in red. This is a good opportunity to conference with the student, set new goals, offer praise, and remind them about reading behaviors they have not mastered.

Miscues: Student miscues are saved in Red and listed below with a code to specify the type of error. Press “Print” to generate a list for a student to take with them. Make sure you are connected to a printer if you want to print.

Examples and Definitions: Some words can be selected and definitions are displayed. Press "Play" to hear an audio recording of the word in context.

Share: Press "Share" to email the report to one or more email addresses. You can include a personalized message.